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How Good Writing Can Change Your Life

Publishing is scary. Sometimes, missing our goal of engaging readers seems easier than achieving it. And many drafts end up hidden in drawers, safely tucked away from the public—waiting to be completed when, one day, the time is right. These narratives might remain there till the second coming.

We have reason to despair: many factors harm our credibility and influence. Our drafts suffer ailments ranging from poor organization to blabber. From clutter to undeveloped ideas. And what about style mismatch? Inconsistency? Grammar issues?

Whatever the cause, the solution is the same. Ask a storytelling expert to analyze your manuscript and tell you how to fix it. You’ll give your story—and yourself—a chance to shine.

As a professional editor, I have spent uncountable hours honing the craft of storytelling. I graduated in writing and editing at the University of Washington and the Institute for Writers, and helped hundreds of writers connect with their audiences.

True influence comes from sharing your experiences and being understood. And this influence will permeate other segments of your life. As an author, you might be featured in podcasts, documentaries, and articles—expanding the reach of your story and ideas, and feeding your confidence to take on new challenges.

It all starts with a well-written story.

And that’s the expertise I’m offering you.