Morning Rituals: The Key to Clarity and Good Writing

What would your mornings look like in a perfect world?

For me, the answer is simple: they would include reading, movement, and prayer. And although we don’t live in a perfect world, I’m able to enjoy perfect mornings most of the time. On these happy days, I study before the sun is up, pray in silence, and bike across the desert to my office.

Morning Rituals Set You Up for Good Writing and Editing

The results are undeniable. When I practice my morning rituals, I sit down at my desk with a fresh feeling of clarity. This clear-headedness is more than a subjective experience—I’m convinced that my dawn practices make me a better editor.

Often, the converse is also true. When I skip my rituals, I enter the office hurried and frustrated. And while I may do the same amount of editing work, I feel as though my mind isn’t in the game.

First, the Inner Things

Maybe it’s that once I take care of the most important things, everything else falls into line. I started my day with God, asked Him for a blessing over my work and family life. And I don’t have to worry about carving out time for sports—I’ve already done it. Now, I can fully dedicate myself to my business.

I’m sure my scientifically oriented readers can think of some other explanations. Because our mind is interrelated with our body, everything in our mental life has a physiological correlate. Perhaps the moments I spend in silent worship send a cascade of blessings through my brain in the form of neurotransmitters and electrochemical signals.

Who knows?

A Sense of Calm

This talk about chemicals may all be true, but one thing is certain: there’s a deep sense of calm that comes with sticking to a routine in a rapidly changing century.

I encourage you to imagine your perfect morning—and then to just live it every day.

Your storytelling can only benefit from it.

Because clear writing demands a clear mind.

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Morning Rituals: The Key to Clarity and Good Writing

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