Find Your Author’s Voice — Fast

You can find your writer’s voice using tools you have since birth:

Your senses!

Train your mind to pay attention to what you see, hear, smell, and feel. Look at the details around you, and remember what you noticed. Use a notebook to jot down everything that stands out.

Train Your Mind to Find Your Author’s Voice

Wherever you find yourself, always look for the smallest details.

Take these examples:

  • What kind of house are you in?
  • What materials are on the walls?
  • How does your interviewee walk?
  • Are her glasses rimmed or rimless?
  • Does she have a soft voice?
  • Is his hair covering his ears?
  • What does the room smell like?
  • What kind of chairs are you sitting in?
  • What’s on the table, or under the table?

Your Writer’s Voice Reflects Who You Are

If you and I walked into the same room and observed the same conversation — between the same people sitting in the same armchairs, flanked by the same bookshelves — and afterward, we compared notes on the details, we would find many differences.

And if we both wrote a story about that conversation, the details of our stories would be vastly different. Mine would be a Niels story; yours, a Niels’s reader story. 😉

It’s a cumulation of decisions only you can make, and it makes your work unique.

Use all your senses, and write what stood out to you. Your author’s voice will have a growth spurt.

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Find Your Author’s Voice — Fast

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