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Q: A copywriter wrote an ad for me. I loved it, but my neighbor—an English major—says it’s ungrammatical. How is that possible?

A: Copywriters purposefully take a liberal approach to grammar. Copy should be of a friendly tone, and the use of, for example, sentence fragments makes it sound more conversational. You don’t want your copy to feel stiff and formal: you want it to engage your readers, to silence the world around them, and to get them to do something.

And immediately.

When I write copy or fiction, I break the rules to my heart’s content. When I write formal nonfiction, I write like a grammarian.

But always follow this law for good copy:

Don’t ever break a rule you don’t know.

Q: I’ve seen editors who are much cheaper than you. How come?

A: Editors come in all price ranges. Some focus mostly on speed, while others crown quality as king. Though both have their merits and markets, I choose to be thorough and warrant perfection for my clients. If you want high-quality, error-free content that will move your reader, don’t save money on writing or editing.