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I offer Book Editing and Corporate Editing services.

Book Editing Services

Insecure about publishing your book?

My editing services in English and Dutch will set your manuscript ablaze

Many nonfiction writers dread the thought of publishing. They fear their narrative lacks impact and their stories will end unread on a dusty bookshelf—without achieving the desired influence.

My goal is to help you make your story exciting, suspenseful, and focused so you’ll set your readers’ hearts ablaze, and change the world with your book.

Do you want to give it a shot? Click the button below, and select your time slot. We’ll have a look at your project together, and I’ll tell you what you can do to reach your goals.

Corporate Editing Services

Making your business writing an easy read

My editing services in English and Dutch will help you clarify your message and increase your sales

Communicating business ideas requires more than knowledge about your subject.

In fact, the more you know, the harder it is to write in simple and clear language.

And because those who run organizations are usually experts, business communication is oftentimes unclear, wordy, and littered with jargon.

But if you want to reach people—through whatever medium—your communication must be focused and easy to read.

Your Best Story can help you get this done.

I edit your:

A company is like a book. 

It tells the story of a customer who walks through the stages of a narrative arc—like a hero in a fiction story.

That’s why editing companies requires skills similar to editing books. By approaching your company as a book about your customer’s journey to overcome obstacles, you place your customer first, and yourself in the supporting role of the mentor.

This results in copy that makes your prospects feel understood and confident that you are the one to help them out of trouble.

My “Editing the Company Epic” service is not about words; it’s about discovering the plotpoints, motivations, and underlying emotions of your company narrative.

Book a discovery call to learn more.

Emails are the most effective way to reach your audience.

But there are more ways of doing it wrong than right. Without the proper strategy, your email will be spam—just like the other ninety-three daily emails clogging your customer’s mailbox.

I can help you reach your audience by editing your emails and letters for clarity, logic, and grammatical correctness.

What’s more, I can restructure your emails for maximum impact.

Your website is your business card—and it’s often the first thing prospects look at to see if they believe your offers.

If your potential clients find errors on your website, they immediately lose faith in your product. They wonder, “If these guys are careless about their content, can their service be any good?”

I help you make your web content crisp, correct, and effective. And I can improve your online company epic.

Send me your drafts (or WordPress codes), and I’ll turn your content around.

Summarizing your business message into talking points can be a daunting task. It requires the ability and the time to distill the core of your message and focus it sharply.

Often, this means concentrating long pages of text into mere keywords and one-liners.

But the result is rewarding. Your talking points form the basis for your presentations and press releases. They assure that everyone in your company understands what you’re trying to achieve, and all your employees know how to answer questions about your business.

I can turn your raw material into focused, concise, and effective talking points that will explain your company and its goals in mere minutes.

What good is your white paper, if few understand what you’re saying?

Your white paper shows your company’s expertise and authority in your field. True, jargon and technical talk demonstrate this expertise. But if your paper is hard to understand, readers will get frustrated and quit after three sentences.

They will click the back arrow and find their answers elsewhere.

You want your reader to stay with you till the end—where your company information is. That’s why you’ve made the effort, to begin with.

I can help you turn your white paper into an engaging story that will keep potential customers reading until the last page. I’ll look at spelling and grammar, but also word choice, register (level of formality), and structure.

I have yet to meet a text I can’t improve.

Book a discovery call, and we’ll have a look at your document.

I pay attention to:

So that your business writing will read as easy as a novel.

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