Capture new clients?
Hire me as your copywriter

You know your stuff better than anyone else. And your product is the best on the market. But despite your countless hours of painstaking work, your business is not taking off.

What’s going on here?

Maybe you’re making the same mistake I once made. When I was a producer, I was sitting in my studio waiting for clients to find me. I wasn’t investing any effort in my online image. And after a few years, I had to close my doors.

Don’t let it happen to you

My previous failure has taught me one crucial lesson:

In these digital days, a good story is a must. But how do you find such a story? How do you work it into an advertisement that hooks your prospect? How do you lead your prospect on the path toward a sale in the dark digital forest?

As a copywriter, I have studied these questions for many, many hours. By asking you relevant questions, I can help you show how your company is unique, what your strengths are, and what words you can use to catch your prospect’s attention.

This way you can stand out and pale your competition.

Save yourself the expensive masseuse sessions . . . let me write Your Best Story and gain you new costumers.

Your story will be presented in many different ways. By narrowing down your focus to one core message and using marketing writing techniques, I can write

  • your ads
  • your landing page
  • your product page
  • your email sequences
  • your drip emails
  • your white papers, and
  • your brochures

in such a way your potential buyers will notice.

Error-free copy

And because I have years of experience as an editor, I can guarantee your copy is as close to error-free as humanly possible. Believe me: some copywriters need severe editing before their work is usable. I self-edit my work to perfection, so you will have nothing to worry about.

I’m Niels Kwakernaak, editor and copywriter. Let me help you.


“Ridiculously thorough and professional” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Niels . . . a great asset to any client requiring a professional content writer with high-quality, thorough, and creative skills. My heartfelt recommendation!

Julie Ran — Team Manager, Innodata.

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