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Some people are terrific writers by nature. Others have trouble building sentences more sophisticated than “See Spot run.” But writing is a learned skill for everybody.

Having spent many years perfecting my writing and editing craft, I can help you improve yours. Whether you could use guidance with the technical or the creative aspects of writing, I can help you gain the wits to write Your Best Story.

Coaching sessions are one hour each, and the frequency is your choice. We can inspect your manuscript together, discuss the basics of good writing, or work on advanced narrative techniques.

My goal is to bring your writing to a professional level and teach you how to leave a lasting impression on your readers.

Niels Kwakernaak

Writing Coach and Editor in English and Dutch

I help authors gain confidence by coaching them on their writing journey and editing their work so they’ll write stories their readers will remember.

Connect with me via LinkedIn or my contact form.

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