Your Best Story tip #4 — The couple: singular or plural?

Is it “the couple showed its engagement rings” or “the couple showed their engagement rings”? This is a common question, and since I like talking about language questions: here’s my video about it! If you have questions you’d like me to create a video about, please let me know!

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Your Best Story tip #3 — Reducing flab

Are your friends saying your prose is hard to read? Then this writing tip is for you. As a beginning writer, I was convinced that adverbs and adjectives were the keys to the magic portals of writing. I adverbed every sentence to a slow and labored death—lengthening their runs with my incomprehensible modifier fetish. But…

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Client testimonial: Tom Groenveld

All client testimonials are unedited. A friend recommended Niels on the same day a colleague pointed out the paper I was working on needs some editing. Several emails and drafts later left the paper fresh and crisp despite the cumbersome content. I highly recommend the quality of Niels’ editing service and his communication skills in figuring…

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Your Best Story tip #2 — One sentence, one thought

A sentence should represent one complete thought. If you try to cram more than one idea into it, your sentence will refuse to bend to your will. With such obstinate candidates, here’s but one thing to do: get your axe, and break them up. If your sentence comprises two or more independent clauses, here are…

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Your Best Story tip #1 — Be relentless about your rewriting

Always assume every sentence you write in your draft will have to be rearranged or replaced at least thrice, and more often than you like, you’re going to have to throw away the words you love the most. Be relentless. Your reader will thank you.

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Client testimonial: Tobias N. Strijker

All client testimonials are unedited. Niels is a talented editor who knows how to think along with the customer. He has edited some of my academic writings and I can highly recommend him to anyone wanting to see the quality of their texts rise and shine.  ~ Tobias N. Strijker (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

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