Verkoop meer boeken met je brandstory: als schrijver ben je een bedrijf

Een schrijver is een bedrijf en heeft een brandstory nodig

Stel dat je dit leest op Facebook: ‘Hoi vrienden, ik heb een boek geschreven! Klik hier om het te bestellen.’ Je komt niets over het boek te weten – behalve dat de wereld nog een gebonden stapel papier rijker is. Zou jij op de link klikken? Als je naar de dichtstbijzijnde bibliotheek gaat, dan kom je […]

Atomic Habits for Writers: Successfully Implementing Writing Tips

Atomic Habits for Writers

Full of hope, you download another writing checklist. You print it out, put it beside your keyboard, and decide to never hit “Publish” again without implementing the whole sheet of writing tips. This time, you will learn to write like a pro. But after a while, your good intentions are supplanted by other priorities. Cookie […]

Spannende non-fictie: bouw je boek op met architecturale spanning

spannende non-fictie

Denk aan een boek dat je niet kon wegleggen. Je móést het gewoon verder lezen. Waardoor werd je zo geboeid? Misschien waren de personages interessant of sprak de setting je aan. Toch was het hoogstwaarschijnlijk de zorgvuldig geconstrueerde architectuur van opbouwende spanning die je aan het boek gekluisterd hield. In dit blog leer je hoe […]

Authors Are Companies: Sell Your Books Using a Brand Story

Sell your books

Imagine reading this on Facebook: “Hi, Friends! I wrote a book! Click here to order.” There’s no info—except that the world gained another spined reem of papers. Would you click? Go to any library, and you’ll discover we don’t need more books. You’ll be overwhelmed by the towers of nameless tomes. Our reading lists are […]

What to Expect from a Nonfiction Editor: A Guide to the Editing World

Many writers think editors correct spelling and grammar. The fact is: we do a lot more. In this blog post, I’ll break down the main flavors of editing and where they belong in your publishing process. Who Needs an Editor? Every writer needs an editor. And every writing project can benefit from editing. But if […]

Suspense in Nonfiction: Building Your Book with Architectural Suspense

Suspense in nonfiction

Think of a book you couldn’t put down. What was it about this book that locked you in? It could be that the characters were attractive or the setting spoke to you. But more likely, it was the carefully crafted architecture of suspense that kept you reading. In this blog, you’ll learn how to create […]

How Your Words Can Awaken Zombies: Focus, Lest Your Nonfiction Turn into Horror

A while ago, I read a brilliant nonfiction book called Neurotribes by Steve Silberman. And it was epic! Every page fascinated, engrossed, and challenged me. But halfway in, something yanked me out of the narrative: “Sister Viktorine, who worked alongside Lazar before his death, used to say that it was crucial to observe the children’s behavior […]

5 Myths about Editors: And Tips on How to Find a Good One

Most writers know they need an editor. But how can you be sure an editor won’t do more harm than good? Authors on social media feed this doubt with myriad editing myths—with some posters voicing plausible concerns and others ranting without reason. I’ve selected five editing myths from social media. Below are my replies and […]

Build Your Authority as a Writer: Write with a Consistent Tone

Grow your authority as a writer – Get your tone right

Didn’t you hate those “in your own words” questions in school? Somehow, those were impossible to answer without a fair deal of grinding beforehand. And as I was antagonistic toward the idea of studying at home, these exam questions were a likely culprit for my low grades. Thank God, I overcame this antagonism, because own-words […]

Morning Rituals: The Key to Clarity and Good Writing

What would your mornings look like in a perfect world? For me, the answer is simple: they would include reading, movement, and prayer. And although we don’t live in a perfect world, I’m able to enjoy perfect mornings most of the time. On these happy days, I study before the sun is up, pray in […]