Insecure about your content or writing?

Join the club. Whether you write or sell, you are under pressure to outshine your competition.

But don’t worry. Your story can stand out in the ever-growing library of this world. All you need is a skilled professional to help you out.

I am Niels Kwakernaak, and I am an editor and writer. I help authors improve their books, articles, and writing skills. And I offer companies creative ways to capture their audiences with their stories.

And continuously, I bear one thing in mind:

it’s Your Best Story.

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Luckily, my talent for writing and editing exceeds that of posing for pictures. 

A friend recommended Niels on the same day a colleague pointed out the paper I was working on needs some editing. Several emails and drafts later left the paper fresh and crisp despite the cumbersome content. I highly recommend the quality of Niels’ editing service and his communication skills in figuring out where I want to go with this piece of writing.”

~ Thomas Groenveld, PhD (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)

* * *

Niels is a talented editor who knows how to think along with the customer. He has edited some of my academic writings and I can highly recommend him to anyone wanting to see the quality of their texts rise and shine.

~ Tobias N. Strijker (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
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* * *

‘Ridiculously thorough and professional’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Niels. For the past years I have the pleasure of working with Niels as his direct manager in a fast pace, challenging and demanding data-driven environment. I am always impressed by Niels’ ability to maintain high quality and meet high standards. Niels made sure his editorial knowledge was shared with the entire team. Would he go after a new adventure, he will be sorely missed by his peers. Niels would be a great asset to any client requiring a professional content writer with high-quality, thorough, and creative skills. My heartfelt recommendation!

~ Julie Ran (Team Manager, Innodata)